Paradise Gardens

Fancy or simple--whatever your garden dreams, we'll help you realize them. 
We can design and install large gardens, annual and perennial planting beds, shrubs, trees, stone and brick patios and walkways, custom-designed mosaics and other decorative garden pieces, retaining walls, pergolas and arbors, planters, water features, low voltage lighting, barbeques and fire pits, raised beds, benches, concrete statuary, fences, and irrigation systems.   
Whether your yard is large or small, whether it's natural mountainside or the tailored plot of a subdivision, we cacreate garde"roomswhere you will enjoy the year-round beauty of upstate South Carolina. 
From a quiet corner to read or watch birds to a patio built for entertaining, we have the imagination and expertise to plan and plant your paradise. 

Paradise Gardens was started in the fall of 2004 in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of SC,  where we can enjoy year round zone 7 gardening.  We are a small company owned and operated by Bill and Dawn Shearin. 

Bill graduated in 1997 with a BSA in Horticulture from the University of Georgia and has acquired experience working for growers,  landscape professionals, and other green industry companies. Dawn graduated from the University of Georgia in 1999 with a BSA in Art/Art History, which further developed her natural abilities of creative design.  Applying our combined knowledge and skills,  we have been able to plan and build outdoor living spaces, satisfying a diverse range of client's tastes and needs.  Paradise Gardens main goal is creating low maintenance gardenscapes that customers can spend more time enjoying.  Being a small company, 

we are very personable,  yet professional.  

We take pride in being able to work with clients directly.

We are the people you will see on your site working, planting your garden paradise.  Paradise Gardens is happy to implement your ideas, large scale or small, and even one stage at a time.  We look forward to meeting you and discussing your ideas to improve your property.

References are available.  Call us at 864-879-2065 to inquire about projects and prices. 

Locally owned and operated, the Shearin family provides quality plants grown for our zone to accent our hardscape projects. Whether your planting needs evergreen conifers like Green Giant Arborvitae and Blue Ice Cypress for taller screening or smaller evergreen broadleaf shrubs like Camellias, our plants start off on right.
Bill is able to coax vegetables even out of red clay.
Whether planting trees or grading soil, Dawn has fun running the excavator!
We love our dogs and our dogs love our gardens! Sassy, Tango, and Rolo supervise our projects.
Sunny. Our newest supervisor in training!

When we aren't working on other folks' yards or playing with our dogs, we enjoy growing

and collecting Japanese Maples.  We are currently evaluating

over 30 named cultivars and numerous other crosses for

resistance to heat, humidity, and late spring frosts.  There are

several that appear to offer hardiness to these conditions and

perhaps may begin to grace our gardens with more of this plant's

amazingly diverse ornamental forms.

'Katsura' spring foliage.

'Beni Shien' spring foliage.
'Higasa Yama' spring foliage.

'Koondori Ondori' spring foliage.  This is one of our own crosses.  The foliage turns a deep

burgundy in the summer and grows right through the heat.

Reblooming Irises are something else we are evaluating.

'Feedback' (blue) and 'Again and Again' (yellow) are a

couple outstanding performers, blooming heavily in the

spring,summer, and fall. This picture was taken in


'Autumn Circus' is another reliable rebloomer for us,

offering a show from late summer often up to frost.

This is one of our new Dwarf Reblooming Iris crosses

that just bloomed in the fall of 2012.