Paradise Gardens

Designed properly, your landscape can give you year round color.  Even in the middle of winter, you can have flowers in your garden along with colorful bark and berries. We can add colorful flowers to your landscape, some that last all the way until the first frost.  In our collection we have come across some beautiful re-blooming Iris that not only give you flowers in the spring, but also again in the fall. Daylillies are something else to start thinking about to establish for the summertime show. Some of our favorite plants are Camellies.  Not only do they stay evergreen, but  give you outstanding flowers at different times of the year, depending on the species. They range in growth habits, so they can be incorporated in almost any part of your landscape.   All of our plants are installed considering mature sizes, and we incorporate any necessary soil amendments such as mushroom compost, soil conditioner, lime, and starter fertilizer to ensure successful establishment.  We can also provide drip irrigation, mulch, and affordable follow-up maintenance.  We would also be happy to add a stone or paver patio and a water feature for you to enjoy your landscape more often!  We also do stone edging set in concrete to help keep Bermuda and Zoysia from invading your new garden. 


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Winter Interest
Hollies provide vibrant berries that birds enjoy.
Mahonia has lemon scented flowers even below freezing.
Some Japanese Maples have colorful bark in the winter.
Daffodils pop up to give you more color in the last part of winter.
Spring Interest
Creeping Phlox lets you know that Spring has finally arrived!
Camellia japonica varieties offer an assortment of flowers that can bloom for much of spring.
Azaleas and Lilacs bloom nicely together.
There are many different Iris that offer a variety of color
Contrasting color and texture of Japanese Maples
Weigela and Roses
Summer Interest
Of course we have Daylilies!
Crape Myrtles are a southern summer staple. Some varieties grow large enough to provide shade for you or your pets. Click on picture to link to our Pet Friendly Landscaping page for other ideas.
Japanese Iris bloom later than standard Bearded Iris, and happily live in wet areas.
Lilies are dependably beautiful and showy.
Dahlias are one of our summertime favorites. They can be treated as an annual (though they sometimes make it through our winter) or can be dug up and stored. Either way, they put on a show and are completely worth the effort!
Fall Interest
Time for Camellias again!
A lot of Japanese Maples are in the spotlight again!
Fall flowers provide migrating Monarch Butterflies with some nectar on their journey.
'Autumn Circus' is another Iris that will bloom until frost. Click on picture to link to our Plant Installations page.
'Feedback' reblooming Iris flowers until frost. Click on picture to link to our Contact Us page so we can plant your yard with year round interest.