Paradise Gardens 
We construct stone retaining walls to prevent erosion into your yard.
We can extend your outdoor living space with a paver patio and an arbor for some shade.
We can replace decomposing RR ties with stone for a permanent solution.
We can add artistic design to a casual stone patio. Click on picture to link to our Custom Design Art page and see other creative projects.
We built this arbor to cover the stone patio next to the pool.
We replace old concrete walkways with flagstone for a much more attractive entrance.
Turning a shed into a garden focal point is simple. Here we veneered Golden Flint thin stone over a lathe attached to framing.
A close up of the stonework.
We install edging built with stone and concrete to barrier invasive grass and provide a solid, decorative edge that greatly reduces maintenance.
Stone and concrete edging also gives your pets a great spot to lounge on!
Here we set medium Tennessee fieldstone with concrete for edging. The walk is Earthtone Craborchard flagstone.
Another example of stone set in concrete for grass preventing edging. We also install large decorative boulders.
This is a raised bed vegetable garden we built with stacked stone and concrete. We filled it with topsoil improved with gardener's choice compost.
By adding a river rock drain channel, we can help prevent erosion in washout areas.
Here is Dove Grey stone edging selected to tie the home in with the yard. We planted low maintenance plants for their foundation beds.
This edging is constructed with Midnight Blue stone. We added colorful plantings to enliven the landscape.
Here is the same project at the home's entrance. We curved the edging with the sidewalk for clean edges.
By mixing different hardscape elements, we were able to create a tasteful and functional area. We used bricks for edges to pour the concrete, and we set cut pieces of Pennsylvania flagstone for visual effect.
We used bricks for the wall to elevate this nice spot to spend the afternoon. Dove Grey stone with polymeric stone dust serves as the floor for the patio.
Outdoor entertaining areas like this Belgard paver patio we built add enjoyment space when the screen porch isn't enough.
We built this boulder firepit area with Golden Flint patio stone set with granite quarry dust. It is rustic and durable for evening gatherings.
In addition to circular firepits, we also build outdoor chimneys with stone to accompany patios.
We constructed this outdoor fireplace with Beige Craborchard ruble stone. It has a stone counter which also serves as a woodbin.
This circular fire pit area also has a stone bench on top of the patio's elevating retaining wall.
LED landscape lighting makes the fire pit area usable at any hour.
Grey Craborchard path and steps to help navigate a hillside.
Even on lakeside hills that can be really long and steep, we can install stone steps to make the climb easier.
We installed this Earthtone Craborchard walkway and added decorative boulders for accent along the path.
After correcting drainage with a river rock dry creek bed, We installed stepping stones for a path through the mulch.
From renovations to new installations, we can help your home with curb appeal.
Here are Earthtone Craborchard stone stairs to the top of the hill. We set medium Tennessee fieldstone in concrete to separate our planting from the grass.
We surrounded this fountain with Pennsylvania flagstone to extend the living area from the deck.
We can make smaller yards virtually maintenance free, solving drainage and creating outdoor living areas with stone.
Stone retaining walls add mountain charm and help create space.
A disappearing fountain for a center feature, stone wall for edging, and a few low maintenance plants.
We can build steps into retaining walls for easier access.
We can custom design & build a mailbox for you.

Use our hardscape projects shown here as ideas for your own yard.  We can custom design to suit your taste and needs.

Add a cozy fireplace and patio to expand and enjoy your living space even more!
Stonework adds value as well as a sense of permanence to outdoor living areas. We overlaid the patio with Pennsylvania flagstone and veneered the walls, bench, fire pit, and columns with Tennessee fieldstone. To see the dramatic improvement, click on the picture to see what this area looked like on our Before and After page.
Another view of the patio area. Stepping stones through the river rock makes a path past the Disappearing fountain to other areas of the yard.
Retaining walls give a sloped yard more usable space. We drystacked Ashler wall stone after grading the area for the Earthtone Craborchard walkway and patio. We built a Disappearing waterfall into the steeper part of the hill to provide the owners and their guests the soothing sound of falling water. To see this and other waterfalls we have built, click on picture to link to our Water Feature page.
The walls are constructed with Ashler stone and the walkway is Earthtone Craborchard flagstone with polymeric stone dust in the joints. We installed Zeon Zoysia behind the wall after completing the stone work.
Crab Orchard steps with some river rock alongside.
Pennsylvania squares used for patio and Belgard wall blocks
Pennsylvania stepping stones and river rock to solve drainage issue, softened up with plants.
Crab Orchard Ruble stone wall
Tennessee drystack retaining wall
Tennessee large and medium boulders with Crab Orchard stone steps
Chocolate Grey North Carolina stone retaining wall
Pennsylvania flagstone walkway
This was built with different mixes of pink and tan Crab Orchard flagstone. We constructed a wall of Tennessee fieldstone to elevate the patio to help compensate for the slope.
Stone patios are dog friendly solutions to areas where its hard to grow grass. Here we used Grey Craborchard flagstone with polymeric stone dust to stabilize the joints. To see other ways we can help your yard work better for your dogs, click on picture to link to our Pet Friendly Landscaping page.
Grey Crab orchard steps, Tennessee fieldstone dry-stacked wall and custom planting. Click on picture to see other examples of landscape and garden planting on our Plant Installations page.
A stone bench can also act as a retaining wall around the fire pit with the Crab Orchard stone patio. The sound of the pondless waterfall can be enjoyed at the same time!
Another Crab Orchard Patio set in concrete provides a comfortable cook out spot.
Paver patios are great outdoor living surfaces. We used Belgard Country Manor blocks and Dublin Cobble pavers for the construction.
The Pennsylvania Blue flagstone we set is perfect to complement colorful plants.
We built this "Living" patio with flagstone on leveling sand. Elfin Thyme provides a nice carpet for barefoot afternoons.
'DeGroot's Spire' Arborvitaes frame the walkway to the fire pit patio. We used Mt. Mist patio stone and small river gravel in the joints.
We elevated the outer edge of this Pennsylvania flagstone nearly 4' with Belgard retaining blocks. Nearly 20' wide and complete with LED landscape lights, it affords plenty of space for entertaining guests.
This lovely Earthtone Craborchard flagstone patio has a curved Belgard Celtik wall bench for casual sitting. We added LED landscape lighting under the capstones and on the newly planted Japanese Maple.
Colorful trees and shrubs welcome visitors to the front door along the stone path.
Improving a really challenging yard, we installed Crab orchard stone steps to the street, Tennessee Fieldstone retaining walls, a Mountan Mist flagstone walkway, and custom steps up to the steep driveway. To contact us about hardscape projects for your yard, click on picture to link to our Contact page.
Waterfall beautifies hillside
Utilize your backyard with a custom design firplace/smoker.

A brick walkway connects your house to your lawn.

Adding a paver patio with a plant screen around it gives you a private destination place on your property
Extending paver patios with stonework provides another element of hardscapes for your yard.
We are pet friendly! A tunnel in the steps provides shelter from the rain for Squeakers!
An arbor covered patio provides year-round space for entertaining.
Adding stone to your courtyard can make it more enticing.
We'd love to create a peaceful oasis right in your back yard
We can add steps to make getting up your steep hill easier.
Large boulders retain while steps make climbing easier!

Stone steps add a natural element to your landscape.

Custom-designed mosaics add an artistic element to walkways and/or patios.

A pondless water feature can be an economical solution to mask neighborhood noises from your outdoor living area.
Optimize the use of your courtyard.