Paradise Gardens
Let us plan and plant your paradise!!!
Horticultural consultations are a good way to understand your yard.  Whether you have purchased a new home with existing landscape our want to update what you have, our expertise can help you care for and improve your plants, or we can suggest other plants that may better suit your site.  We can also provide  hardscape and drainage solutions.
Retaining walls are a great way to turn problem spots into usable areas. We can use a variety of different boulders, stones, or decorative blocks to construct them. Click on picture to link to our Hardscapes page to see more.
Custom designed garden art can be a great way to personalize your property. Click on picture to link to our Art page for more project possibilities!
Whether it is winter or summer, we can provide colorful beds planted with seasonal annuals.
We also install containers planted with annuals for additional color in sites where planting space is limited.

Paradise Gardens offers a wide range of landscape services from horticultural consultation to design and installation.  We can evaluate your site and offer suggestions, or we can turn your basic ideas into reality, in incremental stages if you wish.  We welcome both large and small projects. 

Architectural Style Designs are available for those who prefer the timeless simplicity of classic black and white design.  These plans provide a clear layout of your landscape.

We also offer professional property plans. Designs include hardscapes and plantings for your entire site, addressing all of your property's concerns with an organized and colorful plan. 


Realistic landscape picture renditions provide a great way to visualize your outdoor living area design and planting. Popular with many as a way to see their design without reading a map.
Here is the newly constructed patio and retaining walls. The area where the steps were designed to be was shifted and turned into a disappearing waterfall to provide the gentle sound of water splashing. Click on picture to link to our Water Feature page to see more!
This design was for another difficult slope where it was a challenge to grow grass.
Here is the project a few years later after the plants have matured. Click on picture to link to our Plant Installations page to see more!