Paradise Gardens
Paradise Gardens, LLC installs all plants considering mature sizes and incorporates any necessary soil amendments such as soil conditioner, mushroom compost, lime, and starter fertilizer to ensure sucessful establishment.  We can also provide drip irrigation, mulch, and affordable follow-up after care.  These plant care programs offer corrective pruning and limb removal, hedging, weed control, fertilizing and cleanup. 
Our own low maintenance garden with a mix of trees, shrubs, and perennials.
This and all the pictures below were taken in our own garden.
Irises and Knockout Roses put on a springtime show in our yard.
Amaryllis are perennial show stoppers in our yard.
Japanese Iris and Creeping Jenny thrive on the edges of our pond and stream.
Japanese Maples grow well in our climate.
There are many different growth habits, textures, and colors available.
In some varieties, Spring and Summer growth is very colorful.
Most varieties have vivid Fall color, too.
In addition to Maples, there are many other plants that grow well in our region. Here are a few more.
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We can help you choose the Planting and Design That's Best for Your Site and Lifestyle!!!

You can create a boquet from fresh cut flowers out of your own garden!
Your landscape does not have to be boring bushes that require never ending pruning. We can install many different selections of compact and easy to care for plants, many of which can provide blooms or other color.
By adding some beds by the driveway or out in the yard, we can create curb appeal for your home.
We designed these terrace gardens with easy to care for, compact plants with different colors and textures.
Whether we design your landscape or an architect does, we can install any plants, hardscapes, lighting, and water features that may be on it. To see other stone and paver work, click on picture to link to our Hardscapes page.
After installations are complete, your home will have curb appeal and low maintenance. Disappearing water features are an easy way to enjoy the sound of water without much upkeep. Click on picture to link to our Water Feature page and see more of our work.
We can create welcoming landscapes with enough space for homeowners to fill in with colorful annuals as well.
We also plant trees. Whether you want trees to already be large so you don't have to wait on them to grow, or you have time for your tree to grow, we plant any size from smaller containers to large rootballed trees.
Dogs appreciate shade on a hot day. Installing trees in your yard is great for your pets. Click on picture to link to our Pet Friendly Landscaping page to see more ways we can make your property more dog friendly.
Stone edging defines the border of this welcoming shade planting. We designed with long term growth in mind to ensure the landscape is lower maintenance. To see examples of our designs, click on picture to link to our Services page.
We are not limited by a landscape's size. Here we designed and installed ornamental trees and shrubs for a colorful planting that gives plenty of curb appeal.
Maturing a landscape can take a few seasons, but proper placement of plants is important to allow them to achieve full size without overgrowing the house. Here we made sure the foundation planting would be layered and colorful. The corner 'Green Giant' Arborvitaes were sited far enough from the home to grow full.
Although our temperatures can get in the single digits, we can grow many tropical looking plants. Set along these natural boulder stairs we built, this lush planting here in upstate South Carolina could be a vacation paradise.
Here we added lush plants around the homeowners pool so they can have a tropical backdrop when they swim.
Even if your pool is surrounded by a deck, we can add containers for some enhancement. Here we planted Windmill Palms and Sweet Potato Vine in these stained concrete planters.
Dianthus, Rosemary, and Iris are drought tolerant plants that can be used to soften hardscapes.
Curved beds planted with easy to care for plants can rejuvenate a landscape.
There are many ways to define the property around your home. Here we installed Italian and Dwarf Hinoki Cypress to match the character of the home.
It is important to install the proper plants around your business or neighborhood sign so that the view is not obstructed. We used low growing evergreens in the front behind the Tennessee Garden Boulder retaining wall we built. This is a wonderful Bed and Breakfast if you have visitors to Upstate South Carolina.
DeGroot's Spire Arborvitaes frame the view of the property and compact evergreens are planted in the beds.
Creeping Phlox is a fantastic evergreen groundcover that blooms with a blanket of flowers in the spring. It only took a few years after planting for it to fill in this well.
We can grow many easy to care for fruits. Raspberries, Blueberries, and Pomegrantes all have varieties that have been bred for our climate.
Plants can be selected and placed to create a more natural surrounding
Annual beds can brighten up your shady areas.
Pansies can provide a dazzling wintertime show!
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An easy-to-care-for  seasonal planter adds visual variety to any setting.  Annuals provide color, and can be easily swapped out when you want a change.